Interesting Post on Grassroots Labour

Grassroots Labour is an interesting place.

I discovered this post last night after a comment by Randal at The Standard (turns out twidemeeopinions is TradeMe Opinions.. Googling twidemeeopinions gets you to the thread at Grassroots Labour

There is some nice conspiracy work going on there! National apparently controls the TradeMe message boards… brilliant…

The solution? Well according to members of Grassroots Labour…

… include the thread monitors who could keep throwing out the Labour line on these networks. Our team actively pursued these ‘opinion formers’ and access to simple Labour commentary is helpful.

Interesting.  Just keep spinning out the Labour line, don’t worry if you don’t agree with it, don’t think for yourself, just keep on message.

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7 Responses to “Interesting Post on Grassroots Labour”

  1. Frank Ritchie Says:

    Come on Lukas, you’re smart enough to know that both sides of the political divide have their party faithful willing to spin out whatever the party line is with little thought. It’s not just a sin of the left.

    Let’s not be blind to the faults on both sides just because we identify with one and wish to defend it. Don’t simply be that thing on the other side of the fence otherwise your blog will simply become another spinner deriding the left and trying to paint the political right as some sort of center of saintly attributes. Both are human constructs and so both are riddled with issues – spinners are one of those issues.

    If you’re blind to it on the political right then you muzzle the prophetic voice of Christianity to hold whoever has power to account.

    • lukassoapbox Says:

      I agree that both sides do do that. One only has to look at Kiwiblog and The Standard to see that. I have some reservations about either side specifically planning on posting party lines on public message boards.

      I’ve never had much time for the TradeMe message boards… used to look at them when I was a student working the graveyard shift at council and it was a fairly active place. Spin should be left out of these places. Both sides should feel free to post their opinions, but organised campaigning??

      • Frank Ritchie Says:

        I guess it’s part of the political game. The challenge for the public is to critically analyse what comes and see past the spin to find what actually best aligns with their own philosophies on what’s best for this country. That’s why honest blogs willing to critique and praise both sides where necessary are so valuable, even though they may clearly lean in a certain direction… as both you and I do (in opposite ways :D )

        I find both Kiwiblog and the Standard boring because their narrow focus is predictable. There’s nothing more refreshing than those who can clearly state their bias (mine is towards Labour and the Greens) yet praise the other side and work with it when the job being done is good and beneficial for the country… though there are bound to be disagreements around what that actually looks like :)

      • lukassoapbox Says:

        Do you think that the general public (I would suggest most do not follow politics too closely) have the time and energy to sift through the spin? Many Labour supporters argue that the only reason National were elected was because the public did not see through the spin of Nationals ‘PR machine’, now they are basically doing what they accused National of doing and just regurgitating the party line.

        I find the posts on Kiwiblog good most of the time and the comments on The Standard interesting, purely because the format of the comments section allows mini debates within the posts unlike KB.

  2. Frank Ritchie Says:

    Kiwiblog grates on my nerves because of the level of conversation – it’s crass to the extreme and simply a place where people beat each other up… it’s a freemarket blog that allows human nature to rule supreme ;) A certain amount of “comment-riding” is generally needed on blogs to keep them civil – blog commenters have a tendency to move towards chaos very easily.

    In terms of spin – no, I don’t think the general public have the time, energy or even the tools to sift through spin – that’s why good journalism is so important, but somewhat lacking in our country.

    Yes, Labour supporters are guilty of not seeing the log in their own eye… but both sides are guilty of that. It’s human nature to be willing to point out the failings of another, but not recognizing them in ourselves.

    • lukassoapbox Says:

      Likewise re KB. I have found some of the comments on The Standard getting down to that level at times too. As for comment-riding, good idea… now putting you into auto-moderation :P

      Yes good journalism is lacking in NZ, MP’s statements are often repeated without question, Bill English being a prime example of this.

  3. Frank Ritchie Says:

    oops, I replied in the wrong place – my last comment was supposed to under your last one

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